2019: The year for an eco-friendly lifestyle


The new year is here and with it new goals, plans and many things to accomplish, but as the clock and the calendar move forward for us, time is sunning out for our planet, and without a balanced ecosystem all our plans and achievements will soon become irrelevant compared to the need for survival.

Nature is so amazing and perfect that without our exploitation it will recover, so how about we learn to live in peace and collaboration with our planet so there can be a place to fulfill our goals in?

Simple actions make the difference

Many people are completely not interested in changing their habits to make our world a place where future generations can still live in, however there are many of us who are willing to contribute and every single action counts so don’t feel discouraged, we can do this!

After all every great revolution in the world has started with a brave action, a single person standing up and saying enough!

Can you imagine that if you do nothing for the environment today and you were to have a child this year, he/she will live in a deserted place with no resources, shelter or food by the time he/she was 11? Think about it.

The good news is that it’s in our hands to change it, without a need to radicalize the subject -yes a lot of people have radical views on what needs to be done- but if you try to change the world and your whole lifestyle overnight the probabilities are that you will only get frustrated even before you start.

So let’s take it easy and steady, one step at a time, before you know it you will be enjoying the benefits of a richer life in every way: materially, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I am sharing 12 steps to a sustainable and eco-friendly way of living for this year, one step every month that will give you a chance to experience how easy it actually is to do something for the environment and thus for yourself.

Photo Credit: Cristina GS
  1. January– Waste Management (meet your waste and learn how to make the best of it)
  2. February– Shop Less (stop buying compulsively, trade, DIY, second-hand)
  3. March– Un clutter (classify, repair, donate, more space for you instead of for things)
  4. April– Without packaging (buy in bulk, start a plastic-free kitchen)
  5. May– Cut disposables (cups, bottles, plates, cutlery, bags, food take-out, beauty)
  6. June– Get outside (connect with nature, unplug, have fun, walk, bike, talk, meet)
  7. July– De-plastify (toothbrush, hairbrush, razor, personal hygiene, food containers…etc)
  8. August– Winter meal prep (low impact cooking, seasonal local food choices)
  9. September– Recharge (take time for yourself, be proud of what you’ve changed so far, recover your energy, prepare for the change of season)
  10. October– Reforest (plant a tree, adopt a plant, reduce your paper consumption)
  11. November– Low impact travel (travel local, consume local, take it slow, walk, discover)
  12. December– Zero waste holidays (conscious gifting, self-made gifts, no packaging, gift your time, love or an experience, certified xmas tree, support a cause, give to a stranger)

Welcome to the journey, Let’s get started!

-Cristina GS


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