4. Save Water

6 practical ways to save water in your daily life

  1. Turn it off- Every time you are not directly using the water, turn it off, whether you are brushing your teeth or washing your hands, the average water consumption is of 20 gallons per faucet per person in one single home.
  2. Full Loads- Doing full loads of laundry maximizes the use of water in the washing machine.
  3. Container dish washing– Before you do the dishes fill up a container to use for cleaning and another for rinsing, you will save up to 2.2 gallons per minute you spend washing. If you have a dishwasher, use it fully loaded.
  4. Collect water– Either from the shower or from the rain, collect water to use it later for hand washing small clothes or watering plants. Water your lawn or plants during the coolest hours to prevent quick evaporation.
  5. No leaks- Leaks are a huge environmental disaster, although they seem small, they waste gallons of water. Make sure to fix any leaks at home or report any leaks in the water system provided by the city, it doesn’t matter if it’s not in your home, that water is very important for everyone.
  6. Reduce your paper consumption– As we said in the previous post, paper tissue and paper in general require massive deforestation to be produced which affects the water cycle of nature but the production also demands a lot of water which stops being available for human beings.
Photo Credit: Sand Artist Sudarsan Patnaik

Worldwide 844 million people do not have clean water and they are currently living without hygiene in plain 21st century.

1 out of 9 people on the planet do not have a clean water source close to their homes.

To help bring clean water and hygiene to others, check out the work of water aid and start making a difference:


-Cristina GS


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