For a long time I have been shocked and hurt the way in which our human society destroys life on our planet, I always felt the urge to do something to change it but did not know how. Today the Internet allows us to share and I think there is no better way to live than to be an example, if something you do not like, do something about it, start with something… soon you will find other people who are doing the same and you will see the difference. Our generation is alive, here and now. We are conscious people that the life that we want depends on us, that the changes do not come from the government towards the society but it is the society that by the example generates the government that it wants. Through the example of ordinary people taking action, many human beings in the world have managed to inspire others and add hands to their cause to demonstrate that transformation is possible… Doing something just depends on us. These are the posts that we share in social networks all the time because it is what we want to see, we are not interested in the negative and tragic of the situation (news and politics) but what can be done to improve it (real people). Many have already started, cleaning up beaches, cleaning cenotes, clearing the ocean, sharing real news, sharing useful information, defending human rights. It is time to contribute to this new culture. We don’t need political positions or masteries, just good ideas and valuable actions. This generation is not destined to remain a slave to companies or governments, we are free, creative, capable and daring. Daring enough to act and generate the society in which we want to live, we do not let ourselves be deceived by the ancient modes of politics and television, when we hear the news that Coca-Cola is going to implement measures to reduce waste in the 2030 we were not drooling and applauding, we thought…. is it net?… Wow Coca-Cola!, and in the 2030 for what?, so while this super powerful company says meaningless things, we have the power and the ability to stop consuming Coca-Cola and its plastic containers, is poison for people and poison for the environment. Today I choose to live differently, it is time for all those who think alike to add efforts and transform our reality, I know that I am not the only… I know that there are many people out there who want the heart of the planet to continue beating because they understand that we are part of the same organism and if the heart dies, we all die regardless of economic status, nationality, gender or religion. The invitation is to find and support us as the human community that we are. It will not be easy, the comfort zone is very large… Changing habits and mentality to many frightens them but the example drags and counts more than words and promises of campaign. Let! -Cristina G.
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