Wonder Woman saves the world
With all the negatives happening around us today (violence, discrimination, abuse, war, devastation, death), it is clear to me that it is time for a new generation of men and women. It is time to change the trend, to leave behind silent spectators and awaken the super heroes within us.
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Superheroes? Isn’t that a fantasy?

I think super heroes are an inspirational figure that shows us the brilliant capacity that exists within every human being to do good. Women already do, all the time, they are mothers, workers, wrestlers for their right to freedom and to respect them, they are loving, creative, empathetic, resistant, dedicated, courageous, lead by example and do everything without failing to be beautiful Whatever their ethnicity or culture. Women are wonderful, that’s why I want to share with them these five actions that as a family soul can implement to change the world. Whether single or married, mothers or not, women are a family soul because their love reaches out to all the people they live with and are key to proving that they can achieve everything they propose, so that it is to save the world.

5 Actions to save the world in your daily life

1. Put a stop to the plastic bags-at the supermarket ask to place your purchases in a box or carry your bags of fabric (yes, it is more work remember to carry your own bags and is not the most comfortable but is really urgent and necessary!).   At haberdashery, stationeries, cosmetics stores and accessories do not let them give you a plastic bag for a very small purchase that you can store in your purse like a lipstick, earrings or a spool of yarn. Just pronounce the magic words “I don’t need a plastic bag, thank you.” In the clothing stores ask to give at least a paper bag and if they do not have as in “H&M”, requires you to get an alternative to a plastic bag that you do not need. You will be surprised to see that in fact they will feel that they can not break and if they are not willing you can ask to speak with a supervisor to ask if you are aware of the environmental damage that plastic bags generate (I know it sounds extreme, but come on women! We fight for many things that seem important to us why doesn’t the planet deserve to be one of them?)
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2. Choose well what you buy-I know it is not a new topic and it may sound very “Hipster” but do the test and you will see how much better you feel using makeup that you know was not done at the expense of animal torture (would you like your puppy to end up in a laboratory of those?) , clothing that was not made at the expense of child exploitation and delicious food filled with nutrients produced in your own region. Organic products are more expensive, that’s true and with the Mexican economy it’s hard to buy only organic products, but start with something… think about the things you don’t buy so often so you don’t have to go so far beyond your budget, maybe instead of A jam made in the United States 100% artificial filled with sugars added with zero fruit, buys an organic jam with natural fruit made in Mexico. Seriously, no matter how simple your action is… Makes a difference!
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3. Share the car-most people travel alone in their cars most of the time and many go to the same place in the same times, propónle your friends from work who share the car, can do a role, is convenient for all , they save gasoline, pollute less and the trip will be a thousand times more fun.
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4. Recycle your packaging-if you are one of the people who need your coffee in the morning, or can not live without your bottle of water, buy a metal container that you can take with you everywhere: Starbucks, Oxxo, the Lord of the juices, wherever you buy your favorite drink , just ask them to serve you in your thermos and do the counting, you’ll see how many disposable cups and plastic bottles you’re avoiding using a month, if you buy coffee daily before you go to work they are at least 20! (a year is 240 and you’re one person, 10 people who do the same are 2.400 glasses and bottles that end up in the sea and will never go, think).
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5. Separate your trash-I know it seems a meaningless action because in many parts of Mexico there are no special garbage trucks that are only recyclable but in other parts of the country is done and for something had to start… so if you live in a city where the Government has not understood the importance of separating the garbage you can take advantage to make a little money with it. While perhaps you are not ready to make compost and you think something extreme, at least separates the glass, cans and cardboard, keep it clean to avoid smells and end of the month sell, in all cities there are people who buy cardboard, metal and glass , investigate if there is reciclatón that is a government program where you can carry these materials and finally… Remember that democracy is not synonymous with going out to vote, but for participation and demanding that the authorities meet the social needs… Then… Use social networks to contact your authorities and ask them when they are going to implement these programs… They have to answer you.
Photo Credit: Secretariat of the Environment (Mexico)

Thank you women for being the example and being unstopable!

-Cristina G.
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