2. Reusable bottles and cups

Around half of all annual plastic production is destined for a single-use product such as water bottles, food packaging, bags, cups and cutlery.

The amount of waste this generates is calculated at approximately 500 billion pieces a year that keep occupying more and more space both inland and in the ocean.

The so called “Garbage Island” is a garbage patch located halfway through Hawaii and California and it constitutes the greatest concentration of ocean plastics on the planet, measuring 3 times the size of France and weighing 90,000 tons.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The worst part? It is very quickly getting bigger and it’s not the only one. There is already a second island forming in the south Pacific.


Since the 1950’s humans have made 9.1 billion tons of plastic.

Plastic was a commodity that was invented for its practical use and soon became the favorite amongst the public and industry due to the cheap price and versatility of uses.

Photo Credit: Avaaz

Fast forward to 2018 and today we have not only embraced plastic as a commodity but we have developed a plastic culture that includes plastic in virtually every aspect of our life, with the significant increase in population and devastation of ecosistems for industry and profit purposes, the plastic topic is nowadays a real problem that is drowning us and pushing us to extinction.


Replace one use plastic bottles with reusable ones

Buying a one use plastic bottle for water or any other drink is both a waste of money and certain way to slowly end not only sea life but also human life.

If there is more plastic than animals in the ocean in just 30 years that means that our generation will definitely be unable to survive due to that imbalance.

Use your refillable bottle to carry water, coffee, juice or your favorite drink, there are a million varieties and you can get thermic ones.

On the same note you can also get one reusable cup for your daily coffee and don’t be shy to give out at your favorite coffee shop, the culture is changing, businesses are adapting and you will feel good if you’re a pioneer at your favorite place.

Going Plastic Free can be a daunting task for our time but we need to start now.

-Cristina GS



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